Bacillus Clausii Spores Suspension

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A oral anti-diarrheal probiotic product that is supplied by Elmed Chemicals at an affordable price. This product is manufactured with the help of the latest technology and quality raw material. It has shelf life of two years.

(Poly-antibiotic resistant strains B106, B603/Nb, B637/NM, B619/R)

Guaranteed Identity assurance of probiotic strains at every stage to ensure product integrity


  • 2 billion CFU
  • 5ml Tube


  • Suspension

Global Quality Standards

  • Manufactured at WHO-GMP Facility

Product Differentiation

  •  Four phenotypic strains – broad antibiotic resistance range, similar to international products
  • Distinct Product Shape & Size
  • Backed by published scientific literature
  • 2 product variants 2 Billion cfu/mini-bottle & 4 Billion cfu/mini-bottle

Key Product Features

  • Truly international quality
  • Parameter International Product
  • Other Products HTBS Product HTBS Advantage
  • Strain Identity Bacillus clausii 2, 4 Billion spores
  • Bacillus clausii B106, B603/Nb, B637/NM, B619/R
  • Highest product integrity
  • Whole Genome Sequence
  • Documented strain properties
  • No. of Strains Four Phenotypic Variants
  • Single Strain Four Phenotypic Variants
  • Broad antibiotic resistance range
  • Product Packaging Typical cylindrical shape
  • Clones of international product
  • Distinct rectangular shape
  • Steady Balance Product differentiation,
  • Product Stability 24 months at par with international standards

Product Range

  • 2 Billion cfu/vial 2 Billion cfu/vial 2 Billion cfu/vial
  • 4 Billion cfu/vial Expand your product range

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