Multivitamins and Minerals Capsules with Ginseng

Each soft gelatin capsule contains

Composition Specification Color Size/Shape
Vitamin A ( As Palmitate) B.P. 2500 IU Red / Brown 19 minim Oblong
Vitamin B1 B.P. 1 MG
Vitamin B2 B.P 1 MG
Vitamin B6 B.P. 0.5 MG
Vitamin B12 B.P. 1 MCG
Vitamin E B.P. 5 MG
Vitamin D3 B.P.200 IU
Calcium Pantothenate B.P. 1 MG
Nicotinamide B.P. 15 MG
Folic Acid B.P. 50 MCG
Copper (From Copper Sulphate Anhydrous B.P.) 0.45 MG
Iodine (From Potassium Iodide B.P.) 0.075 MG
Manganese (From Manganese Sulphate B.P.) 0.05 MG
Calcium (From Dibasic Calcium Phosphate B.P.) 75 MG
Phosphorus (From Dibasic Calcium Phosphate B.P.) 58 MG
Iron (From Ferrous Sulphate B.P.) 5 MG
Magnesium (From Magnesium Sulphate B.P.) 3 MG
Potassium (From Potassium Sulphate B.P.) 2 MG
Zinc (From Zinc Sulphate B.P.) 0.15 MG
Ginseng Extract J.P. 990 MCG
Excipients Q.S.

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