Protein Hydrolysate, Ginseng Multivitamins & Minerals Capsules

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Each capsule contains:
Composition Specification
Protein Hydrolysate ( 20 % )300 MG
L-lysine HCLU.S.P.50 MG
Ginseng Extract ( Highly concentrated, standardized, Ginseng extract corresponding to 250 mg. of root of Panax Ginseng )J.P.50 MG
Natural Betacarotene 30 %U.S.P.6 MG
Vitamin D3U.S.P.200 I.U.
Vitamin B1U.S.P.1.5 I.U.
Vitamin B2U.S.P.1.5 MG
Vitamin B6U.S.P.2 MG
Vitamin B12U.S.P.2 MCG
Vitamin CU.S.P.60 MG
Vitamin EU.S.P.15 MG
NicotinamideU.S.P.20 MG
Calcium PantothenateU.S.P.6 MG
Dibasic Calcium phosphateU.S.P.255 MG
Folic AcidU.S.P.200 MCG
Iron (From Dried Ferrous Sulphate U.S.P.)10 MG
Copper (From Copper Sulphate U.S..P.)2 MG
Zinc (From Zinc Sulphate U.S..P. )5 MG
Magnesium (From Magnesium Sulphate U.S..P. )4 MG
Manganese (From Manganese Sulphate U.S.P.)1 MG
Potassium (From Potassium Sulphate U.S.P.)3.5 MG
Selenium (From Selenium Dioxide U.S.P.)35 MCG

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